Covenants and By-laws Summary


Board will consist of 5 or 7 members to be voted on annually
POA Dues can be paid quarterly (1/31, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1), semi-annually (1/31, 7/1), or annually (1/31)
Annual meeting will be held during the last 3 months of the year, to be scheduled by current board members


Grass/weeds need to be kept below 6 inches from the ground
No overnight, long term street parking
No parking trailers/boats/campers in driveway or yard
Mailboxes must be white and similar to other in NPG
Fences should be approved by the building committee. Recommend wooden slat fencing in back yard only, make sure to treat (stain/paint) within first 6 months or black chain link. Fences not allowed to be built off the front side of the house.
Storage sheds should be approved by building committee. Need to compliment the style and colors of the primary residence; must be in back yard.
Swing sets, trampolines, play areas etc. should be installed in the back yard.
Large lawn projects and construction should be approved by the building committee.
Trash pickup is Monday morning, cans should be returned to house on Monday when at all possible.
No trash or debris burning allowed, small firepits and grills are ok

Amenities (reservation information)

Ball field
The board reserves the right to enforce rules and regulations as set forth in the covenants and by-laws within reason. There will be written warnings, then weekly fines assessed, which could result in a lien on the home if not remedied in a timely manner. This is not the purpose of the board, but it is the responsibility of board members to make sure all POA members/homeowners are abiding by the basic rules and regulations that keeps NPG beautiful and safe.

Board Members:

Erin Brannon
Geoffrey McKilligan
Josh Rush
Missy Lemmings
T.J. Freeman
Northpoint Grand POA
P.O. Box 2196
Carrollton, Georgia 30112